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The Minimally Invasive, Drug-Free Approach to Healing

If you’ve tried surgery and prescription drugs to manage your chronic pain or disease symptoms without any luck, you don’t have to give up hope. Renovo Health and Beauty provides alternative therapeutic treatments to our patients that may help with chronic conditions that were not previously able to be treated. Our application of stem cell therapy is a regenerative approach that may help relieve your suffering by using and strengthening your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell treatment is a minimally invasive therapy that uses the power of your own body to help you heal from chronic inflammation and other illnesses. Our stem cell therapy clinic at Renovo Health and Beauty’s medical professionals will first do a thorough medical examination so they can have a greater knowledge of your current health status.

Once we gain a better understanding of your current condition and we can confirm that you’d be a good candidate for stem cell therapy – our physicians will prescribe a treatment protocol that best suits your needs for your current state. Each patient is treated as an individual – and no two protocols are the same. Additionally, our stem cell therapy doctors undergo frequent training and stay up-to-date with best practices in order to provide effective treatments.

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Renovo Health and Beauty Offers Stem Cell Therapy That Activates Growth Factors for Healing in Ligaments and Orthopedic Conditions Such As:

Today's care is tomorrow's freedom.

- Dr. Jose A Jimenez, Medical Director at Renovo Health & Beauty

We Also Offer Stem Cell Therapy to Patients Dealing with the Following Conditions:

Although research on this is very recent, many studies have shown a significant improvement in function and overall health of patients that deal with these conditions.

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Stem Cell Therapy Provides Hope Where Traditional Medicine Fails

The best way to relieve your pain or illness is to address the root cause of the problem, which is where stem cell therapy comes in. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate, renew, and help with pain management because they can assist your body recover. In a sense, this form of treatment uses your body's own built-in healing mechanisms to turn back your biological clock.

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If you are ready to start your journey towards recovery, our stem cell therapy clinic would be happy to discuss treatment options with you. To learn more about stem cell therapy and how it might be able to help you, please call us today or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to helping you achieve optimum health and wellness!